Graphic Facilitation consists in applying visual thinking during meetings and any group discussions that are generating ideas and taking decisions. It dramatically boosts collective intelligence.

How does it work ?

As the group discussion is progressing, a designated graphic recorder captures what is going on in the room (ideas and emotions) with drawings and key words. The outcome is one or several large size – paper pannels that can be easily digitalized and instantly shared.

It can also be used to prepare visual templates which will support traditional group facilitation or to prepare a presentation (visual summary of key findings).


What are the benefits ?

  1. Stimulates group memory
  2. Motivates and engages participants
  3. Clarifies what is said in the room. For the speaker AND the audience
  4. Helps the group stay focused on key points. Simplifies complex items and boosts collective thinking
  5. Allows fast and clear communication to those not present => a universal language

So why is it growing ? 

  1. Overload of information
  2. Matrix organizations developing
  3. Collaborative work becoming a “must”
  4. Face paced decision and collaborative flows
  5. Digital revolution (instant sharing to many)
  6. Spectacular rise of neuroscience => we are all visual thinkers

Davos World Economic Forum, front page of « Le Monde », (February 7th, 2014)